Vous aimez le post-rock et cherchez à découvrir des groupes de votre région ? Vous êtes un groupe de post-rock et souhaitez entrer en contact d’autres groupes du genre, en France ou ailleurs dans le monde ? Cette page est pour vous.

Retrouvez ici la liste des artistes post-rock chroniqués chez Totoromoon, avec leur localisation :

Post-Rock France :

5 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING [Truskel 2014] [Relief] – Paris

ALL IS WITHIN [Skies] – Paris

ALMØST SILENT [Swamp Tales] [A Frame For A Day In Your Life] [III] [Shape Of Words] – Paris

ALPHA DU CENTAURE [Le Déséquilibre Originel] [Paralysis] [Post In Paris 2022] – Lyon

ANATHEME [Fūjon] – Nancy

ANOZEL [The Eternal Sunday] [Paddy’s Club] – Nancy

ARHIOS [Arhios] – Rennes

AUTOMATA [Autómata] – Paris

BANK MYNA [Post In Paris 2019] [Volaverunt] – Paris

BARON NICHTS [Nyan-Hat] [La Distinction] – Châlons-en-Champagne

BILAL [Bilal] – Lyon

BRAVERY IN BATTLE [Espace B 2015] [Café de la Danse 2016] [Post In Paris 2019] [The House We Live In] – Paris

BROKEN CASH MACHINE [Post In Paris 2019] – Paris

BRUIT ≤ [Monolith] [The machine is burning and now we know it could happen again] [Post In Paris 2022] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Toulouse

CARMEN SEA [Hiss] [Post In Paris 2022] – Paris

CENDRES [Post In Paris 2017] – Chalon-sur-Saône

CERF BOITEUX [Post In Paris 2022] – Rennes

CHARBON [Post In Paris 2017] – Arras

CORBEAUX [Le Batofar 2013] [Post In Paris 2017] – Quimper

DES ASTRES [Traxx] – Bordeaux

DIRGE [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

DRAGUNOV [Post In Paris 2018] – Paris

ECHO SAYS ECHO [Post In Paris 2017] [Pause] – Paris

ELEPHANT & CENTIPEDE [Lungs] – Rochefort

ENDING SATELLITES [The lost tapes | Vol. B] – Bayonne


FALL OF MESSIAH [Post In Paris 2017] – Lille

FEROCES [Juliette] [Victor] [Joséphine] – Besançon

FFYRDD [Demo] – Laval

FIRST CAME THE SHADOW [Premonition] [Aridity] – Nice

FLEUVE [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

FLYINGDEADMAN [Sending Fires To The Sky] [56 Seasons] [The Night] – Bressuire

FORGE [Post In Paris 2019] – Paris

FRISE LUMIERE [Bisou Genou] [Post In Paris 2022] – Paris

FRANÇOIS MERLIN [Persona] [Les Magnifiques] – Montreuil

GOODBYE METEOR [Metanoia] – Amiens

GRIMLAKE [Atlas Hands] [Alone in Kyoto cover] [Le Buzz 2014] [L’International 2015] [Supersonic 2016] [Post In Paris 2018] [Memories] – Paris

HEKLAA [Songs In F] [My Name Is John Murdoch] [I Am A Piece Of You] [Pieces Of You vol. 1 The Piano Works] [1491] [Pieces Of You vol. 2 The Voices Works] – Colmar

HEX [Post In Paris 2019] – Paris

HOPE & BLACK CLOUD [Hope & Black Cloud] – Lille

HORION [Post In Paris 2022] – Paris

HORS SUJET [Novembre] [Nous N’Y Trouvons Que Le Doute] [Déclin] [Seuls Les Moins Humbles En Hériteront] [Avec la distance] [Dans Cet Effacement / Exil] – Toulouse

HORST [Never Two Without Three] [Good Foot Good Eye] – Paris

HUSH FREQUENCY [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

INGRINA [Post In Paris 2022] – Tulle

JEAN JEAN [Petit Bain 2014] [Froidepierre] [Post In Paris 2018] [Fog Infinite] – Paris

KWOON [Divan du Monde 2013] [Alaska & Life] – Paris

LA CHIESA DEI FIORI [Amorevolezza] – Nancy

LIGHT DEFLECTION [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

L’IMPASSE MEXICAINE [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

LOA [Essence Of Learning] – Nantes

LOST IN KIEV [Le Batofar 2013] [Nuit Noire] [Supersonic 2016] [Post In Paris 2018] [Persona] [Rupture] – Paris

MAN IS NOT A BIRD [The Sounds Of Spring] [Survived The Great Flood] [Le Klub 2013] – Paris

MAUDITS [Maudits] – Paris

MAVEN [Staring At Eastern Lights] [Synesthesia] – Metz

MELATONINE [Stances] – Metz

MIA VITA VIOLENTA [Post In Paris 2017] [Grey Seas] – Paris

MIME [Post In Paris 2017] [Lighthouse] [Supersonic 2018] – Paris

MOBBOSS [Post In Paris 2017] – Thignonville

MOE’S [Smiles & Scars] – Rennes

MØN [Sikfor Harenstrüp in 326 Øllegårt] – France

MONTAGNE [Post In Paris 2018] – Paris

MOYAN [EP] – Strasbourg

NESSERIA [Post In Paris 2018] – Orléans

NOISE ABOVE THE OCEAN [Post In Paris 2017] [Down To You ! Earth] [Lame 13] – Avon

NORD [Post In Paris 2022] – Lille / Paris

NORDKAPP [Post In Paris 2017] [Spin] – Paris

NOTRE DAME DE LA COLLINE [Poèmes fous pour herbes fraîches] – Nancy

OGINO [Lueurs] – Clermont-Ferrand

OISEAUX-TEMPETE [Point Ephémère 2014] [From Somewhere Invisible] [Petit Bain 2020]- Paris

OVTRENOIR [Post In Paris 2019] – Paris

PARQKS [Slow Ascent Melancholia] – Limoges

PAST [Post In Paris 2017] – Bordeaux

PICTURES ON SILENCE [Pictures On Silence] – Aix-en-Provence

PISCINE [Post In Paris 2019] – Bordeaux

RED FOREST [Red Forest] [13.10.16] [Icarus Fall] – Caen

RIEN [Point Ephémère 2013] – Grenoble

SAAR [Post In Paris 2017] [Supersonic 2018] [Gods] – Paris

SAIREN [Ultima Lux] – France

SILENT WHALE BECOMES A DREAM [Canopy] [Requiem] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Toulouse

STAVANGER [Far From Silence Close To Violence] – Nantes

THALAMOS [Δ] – Brest

THANK YOU SATAN [Quiet-Loud-FURY-Quiet] – Colmar

THE BEAUTY THE WORLD MAKES US HOPE FOR [Curious, Gathered & Awake] – Annecy, Dijon, Lyon

THE CHAPEL OF EXQUISES ARDENTS PEARS [TorqueMadra] – Nancy, Huddersfield

THE NOISE WE MAKE [The Noise We Make] – Limoges

THE RANDOM MONSTERS [Up In The Sky] [We Pretend It’s All Right] [Going Home] [Post In Paris 2017] [Post In Paris 2019] – Paris

TOLVA [Wide Shot] – Dijon

TOTORRO [Point Ephémère 2014] [Petit Bain 2014] [Come To Mexico] – Rennes

TRAVOLTA [Aronde] / TLRVT [Classic Waffle] – Paris

TREHA SEKTORI [Post In Paris 2018] – Paris

UTOPIUM [Utopium] – Paris

VERCORS [La Dérive] – Grenoble

VINC2 [By The Third Sea] [Rescued From Drowning] – Rumilly

WAY FOR NOTHING [Make Your Actions Reflect Your Words] – Tarbes

WHEN WAVES COLLIDE [EP I] [Supersonic 2019] [Chasm] [Post In Paris 2022] – Paris

WHERE MERMAIDS DROWN [And The Raging Winds Do Blow] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Lyon

WOLVE [Post In Paris 2017] – Paris

XANTHE DORSA [Xanthe Dorsa] – Paris, Lyon

YEAR OF NO LIGHT [Consolamentum] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Bordeaux

Top Concerts 2015

Post-Rock hors France :

  • Europe :

65DAYSOFSTATIC [Wild Light] [Oscillator] [Nouveau Casino 2013] [La Maroquinerie 2014] [No Man’s Sky] [Le Badaboum 2016] – Angleterre (Sheffield)

A BURIAL AT SEA [A Burial At Sea] – Irlande / Angleterre (Liverpool)

ALAS ATLAS [At Ease] – Belgique (Anvers)

ALL SHALL BE WELL (AASBWAAMOTSBW) [Blauwgeel] [Zwartgroen] – Pays-Bas (Haarlem)

ALMA / VLMV [S/T Reissue & Reworkings and Remixes] [All These Ghosts] [Stranded, Not Lost] [Post In Paris 2019] [Sing With Abandon] – Angleterre (Londres)

ALNEA [I Will Always Be There] – Italie (Turin)

AM FOST LA MUNTE ȘI MI-A PLACUT [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Roumanie (Bucarest)

AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR [All Hail Bright Future] [Heirs] [La Maroquinerie 2013] [La Flèche d’Or 2015] [The Endless Shimmering] [La Maroquinerie 2017] [Gibus 2019] – Irlande (Belfast)

A RIVER CROSSING [Post In Paris 2019] – Suisse (Lucerne)

ASTODAN [Dunk! Festival 2018] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Belgique (Bruxelles)

ASTRALIA [Solstice] – Catalogne (La Floresta)

A SWARM OF THE SUN [The Woods] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Suède (Stockholm)

AUSTRALASIA [Vertebra] [Twin Peaks Theme] [Notturno] – Italie (Cisternino)

BAULTA [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Finlande (Jyväskylä)

BESIDES [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Pologne (Brzeszcze)

BLACK NARCISSUS [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Belgique

BLAK [Between Darkness And Light] [Ell Tall d’Escil·la] – Catalogne (Roda De Ter)

BLUSA [¡ Toca breakbeat, perro !] – Espagne (Séville)

BOIRA [Si De La Runa Naixés] – Catalogne (Barcelone)

( BOLT ) [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Allemagne (Duisburg)

CAPTAINS OF SEA AND WAR [Captains Of Sea And War] [Remote] – Catalogne (Barcelone)

CAR CRASH WEATHER [Post In Paris 2017] [Secondary Drowning] – Suisse (Zürich)

CATACOMBE [Scintilla] – Portugal

CECILIA EYES [Disappearance] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Belgique (La Louvière)

CELESTIAL WOLVES [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Belgique

CODE I [Although We May Fall] – Angleterre (Nottingham)

CODES IN THE CLOUDS [Codes In The Clouds] – Angleterre (Londres)

COLD, COLD HEART [How The Other Half Live And Die] – Angleterre (Londres)

COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE [The Fallen Ones] – Allemagne (Hambourg)

EF [Le Batofar 2013] [Vāyu] [Le Batofar 2016] [Dunk! Festival 2018] [We Salute You, You and You !] – Suède (Göteborg)

ENDLESS DIVE [Endless Dive] [Falltime] [A Brief History of a Kind Human] – Belgique (Tournai, Bruxelles)

FELPERC [Destructible World] – Hongrie (Szombathely)

FLASH THE READIES [Duna] – République Tchèque (Olomuc)

FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL [Final Quiet] – Angleterre (Londres)

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT [Helios | Erebus] – Irlande (Glen Of The Downs)

HEMELBESTORMER [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Belgique

HER NAME IS CALLA [The Dead Rift EP] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Angleterre (Leeds)

HUBRIS [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Suisse (Fribourg)

I LIKE TRAINS [The Shallows] [La Maroquinerie 2012] [La Flèche d’Or 2013] [Le Batofar 2014] [Kompromat] – Angleterre (Leeds)

IMMANU EL [Hibernation] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Suède (Stockholm)

INCORRUPTIBLE BODIES [To Walk A Glitter Path] – Angleterre (Canterbury)

INDIGNU [Ophelia] [Umbra] – Portugal (Barcelos)

JARDIN DE LA CROIX [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Espagne (Madrid)

JOHN MALKOVITCH! [The Irresistible New Cult Of Selenium] – Italie

JÓNSI [Obsidian] – Islande (Reykjavik)

KASCHALOT [Whale Songs] – Estonie (Tallinn)

KHARA [This Cruel, Mournful Circle] – Macédoine (Kumanovo)

KING SIGH [One Might Wonder] – Belgique (Scherpenheuvel)

KOKOMO [Monochrome Noise Love] – Allemagne (Duisburg)

KOVLO [Timelapse] – Suisse (Lugano)

LIGHTS AND MOTION [The March] [Chronicle] [Dear Avalanche] [The Great Wide Open] – Suède (Göteborg)

MAGYAR POSSE [Random Avenger] – Finlande (Pori)

MAIAK [A Very Pleasant Way To Die] – Suisse (Lausanne)

MAHUT [Your Violin Is Still Playing] – Italie (Salerno)

MAYBESHEWILL [Not For Want Of Trying] [I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone] [Petit Bain 2014] [Le Batofar 2016] [No Feeling Is Final] – Angleterre (Leicester)

MOGWAI [I Know You Are But What Am I] [Les Revenants] [Rave Tapes] [Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.] [Central Belters] [Olympia 2014] [Atomic – La Philharmonie de Paris 2016] [As The Love Continues] – Ecosse (Glasgow)

MOONLIT SAILOR [We Come From Exploding Stars] – Suède (Borås)

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY [Post In Paris 2018] – Luxembourg

NEAR LIGHT [EP] – Angleterre (Bournemouth)

NORDIC GIANTS [Amplify Human Vibration] [Espace B 2017] [Symbiosis] – Angleterre (Brighton)

NORDSIND [Lys] – Danemark (Copenhague)

OH HIROSHIMA [In Silence We Yearn] [Resistance Is Futile] [Myriad] – Suède (Kristinehamn)

ONE HOUR BEFORE THE TRIP [Boarding Pass] – Grèce (Athènes)

OVERHEAD, THE ALBATROSS [Learning To Growl] – Irlande (Dublin)

P.G. LOST [Siren] [Key] [Redrum] [Versus] [Oscillate] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – Suède (Norrköping)

PICTURES FROM NADIRA [Morula] – Allemagne (Munich)

RINCE-DOIGT [Plinth] – Belgique (Bruxelles)

ROBIN FOSTER [Pen Had & Brest By Night] [Café de la Danse 2017] [PenInsular 3] – Angleterre (Kendal)

SATELLITES [Familiar Shorelines] – Angleterre

SEJD [Sejd] [Ben & hjärta] – Suède (Skåne County)

SHAMOTTE [Post In Paris 2017] – Allemagne (Leer)

SIGUR ROS [Valtari] [Kveikur] [Zénith 2013] [Óveður] [Odin’s Raven Magic] – Islande (Reykjavik)

SONNOV [Caballo Perdedor] – Espagne (Madrid)

SPOIWO [Salute Solitude] [Martial Hearts] – Pologne (Gdańsk)

SPURV [Skarntyde] [Myra] – Norvège (Oslo)

STAFRÆNN HÁKON [Awake] – Islande (Reykjavik)

STAR OF HEAVEN [Vinter 2015] [To Our Memories] – Suède (Stockholm)

STEMS [Severance] [Stars] – Angleterre (Huddersfield)

STEVE STRONG [Post In Paris 2018] [Turbo Island] – Angleterre (Bristol)

SUMMON THE OCTOPI [Nonversations] – Allemagne (Berlin)

SVARTA STUGAN [EP2 : A Mutation And A Madness] [EP3 : Aspects Of Our Future Selves] – Suède (Göteborg)

TELEPATHY [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Angleterre (Essex)

TELLER [Strive, Recess, Echo] – Suède (Göteborg)

THE ECHELON EFFECT [Signals] – Angleterre (Londres)

THE ILLS [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Slovaquie (Bratislavský kraj)

THEN THEY FLEW [Stable As The Earth Stops Spinning] – Portugal (Lisbonne)

THOT [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Belgique (Bruxelles)

TOUNDRA [Supersonic 2018] [Post In Paris 2022] – Espagne (Madrid)

TRANSMISSION ZERO [Transmission Zero] – Pologne (Cracovie)

TURPENTINE VALLEY [Dunk! Festival 2022]  – Belgique (Zulte)

UNKNOWN CONNECTION FAILURE [Ships Will Sink EP] – Allemagne (Hambourg)

WANHEDA [The Cenozoic Implosion] [Dunk! Festival 2019] [Desert of Real] – Belgique (Louvain)

WAYWARD BOUND [Public Isolation Booth] – Belgique (Ghent)

WE ALL DIE ! WHAT A CIRCUS ! [We All Die ! What A Circus !] [Somnium Effugium] – Portugal

WE DESERVE THIS [The Heklaa Session] [Floating Colors] – Allemagne (Velbert)

WE STOOD LIKE KINGS [USSR 1926] [Interview 2016] [Cinéma Le Balzac 2016] [USA 1982] – Belgique (Bruxelles)

WE WERE HEADING NORTH [We Were Heading North] [Lightness] [Three] – Iles Canaries (Tenerife)

WHEN THE CLOUDS [The Longed-For Season] – Italie (Salerno)

WHEN WAVES COLLAPSE [Movements I] [Movements II] – Pays-Bas (Tilbourg)

WINTER DUST [Post In Paris 2019] – Italie (Padoue)

WORRIEDABOUTSATAN [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Angleterre

WYATT E. [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Belgique

YAKHCHAL [Asterism] – Belgique (Bruxelles)

YNDI HALDA [Enjoy Eternal Bliss] [Under Summer] [A Sun-Coloured Shaker] – Angleterre (Canterbury)

  • Amérique :

18 SECONDS [Crooked We Stand] [If We’re Two We Might Not Be Alone] – Québec (Montréal)

ALASKAN TAPES [In Distance We’re Losing] – Canada (Toronto)

APPALACHES [Mòn] [Cycles] [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Québec (Montréal)

AU REVOIR [Dunk! Festival 2018] – USA (New Jersey)

BAIKONUR [Nihil Per Saltum] – Chili (Santiago)

BALMORHEA [Heir] [Clear Language] – USA (Austin, Texas)

BELL ORCHESTRE [House Music] – Québec (Montréal)

CASPIAN [Waking Season] [Audiotree Live] [Hymn For The Greatest Generation] [Sad Heart Of Mine] [Dust And Disquiet] [Point Ephémère 2012] [Petit Bain 2014] [Castles High, Marble Bright] [Dunk! Festival 2018] [On Circles] – USA (Beverly, Massachusetts)

CIENEGA [Viva Bocashi] – Mexique (Mexico)

COASTLANDS [Dunk! Festival 2019] – USA (Portland, Oregon)

DO MAKE SAY THINK [Stubborn Persistent Illusions] – Canada (Toronto)

DRIVING SLOW MOTION [Adrift:Abyss] – USA (Fort Worth, Texas)

ECHOES FROM JUPITER [Le Grand Tour] – Québec

EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK [Dunk! Festival 2019] [Sing Sinck, Sing à La Marbrerie 2019] – Québec (Montréal)

EL LENGUAJE COMO OBSTACULO [I] – Argentine (Buenos Aires)

ELUVIUM [Fugue State] – USA (Portland)

ESMERINE [Mechanics Of Dominion] – Québec (Montréal)

EUPANA [So Many Suns] – USA (New York)

EVOLV [Be Here Now] – USA (Washington DC)

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY [Prince Avalanche Soundtrack] [Lone Survivor Soundtrack] [The Only Moment We Were Alone] [Manglehorn Soundtrack] [The Wilderness] [Le Trianon & Le Berns 2016] [Live on KEXP] [Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television)] – USA (Austin, Texas)

GHOST ISLAND [New Light] – USA (Phoenix, Arizona)

GLACIER [Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Snow ; Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool] [No Light Ever] – USA (Boston, Massachusetts)

GLASIR [Unborn] [New Dark Age] – USA (Dallas, Texas)

GLORIES [There Is No Stillness] [Distant After] – USA (Birmingham, Alabama)

GODSPEED YOU ! BLACK EMPEROR [Allelujah ! Dont’ Bend ! Ascend !] [Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress] [Trianon 2013] [Bataclan 2015] [Luciferian Towers] [BBF3] [G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END !] – Québec (Montréal)

GRAILS [Dunk! Festival 2018] – USA (Portland, Oregon)

HERON [You Are Here Now] [Sun Release] – USA (Warren, Pennsylvanie)

I HEAR SIRENS [Stella Mori] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – USA (Salt Lake City, Utah)

IN LIGHTS [This Is How We Exist] [The Forgotten Bridge] – USA (San José, Californie)

INVENTIONS [Inventions] [Maze Of Woods] [Continuous Portrait] – USA

I/O [Saudade] [Anyone, Anywhere] – USA (Boston, Massachusetts)

IT WAS A GOOD DREAM [Help Me To Recollect] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – USA (Boston, Massachusetts)

JONATHAN FRASER [Soundtrack to an American Giallo] – USA (Huntington Beach, Californie)

JOY WANTS ETERNITY [The Fog Is Rising] – USA (Seattle, Washington)

MUSIC FOR MONEY [Toro] – Québec (Montréal)

MY EMPTY PHANTOM [Red Giants] [Forever] – USA (Austin, Texas)

OFTEN THE THINKER [Greatest Possible Tenderness] – USA (San Diego, Californie)

OH THE VINE [Left Alone] – USA (Atlanta, Géorgie)

OSOREZAN [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Chili (Santiago)

PELICAN [Dunk! Festival 2022] – USA (Chicago, Illinois)

PILLARS [Dunk! Festival 2019] – USA (Indianapolis, Indiana)

PIRANHAS CAN FLY [Shoot’Em] – Québec (Montréal)

PRAY FORD SOUND [Waiting Room] [Waves] – USA ( Boston, Massachusetts)

RANGES [The Ascensionist] [Dunk! Festival 2018] [Babel] [Cardinal Winds] [Dunk! Festival 2022] – USA (Bozeman, Montana)

RELIEFS [Sans Mer] [Hors Pair] [La Traversée] [Nos Yeux] [Interview 2016] – Québec (Montréal)

RUSSIAN CIRCLES [Dunk! Festival 2018] – USA (Chicago, Illinois)

SHY, LOW [Post In Paris 2019] [Snake Behind the Sun] – USA (Richmond, Virginie)

STAGHORN [Wormwood III] [Dunk! Festival 2019] [Corvus IV] – USA (Urbana, Illinois)

STILL MOTIONS [Mirrors] – USA (Phoenix, Arizona)

TALQUIN [Tomorrow’s Calm] – USA (Melbourne, Floride)

THE ALBUM LEAF [Over The Pond] [Between Waves] – USA (Sand Diego, Californie)

THE END OF THE OCEAN [In Excelsis] [-aire] – USA (Columbus, Ohio)

THE ILLUSION OF FREE WILL [The Explorer] – Mexique (Monterrey City)

THEE SILVER MT ZION [Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything] [La Cigale 2014] – Québec (Montréal)

THIS PATCH OF SKY [S/T] [These Small Spaces] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – USA (Eugene, Oregon)

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU [Another Language] [Point Ephémère 2012] [New Others Part One & Part Two]- USA (San Marcos, Texas) (Los Angeles, Californie)

THIS WORLD HAS BEES [Nearer] – USA (Portland, Maine)

TIDES OF MAN [Dunk! Festival 2018] [Every Nothing] – USA (Tampa, Floride)

WREKMEISTER HARMONIES [Light Falls] [Espace B 2018] [Dunk! Festival 2019] [We Love To Look At The Carnage] – USA (Chicago, Illinois)

  • Asie :

AESTHESYS [Achromata] [Alignments] – Russie (Moscou)

BEHIND THE SHADOW DROPS [Harmonic] [Espace B 2017] – Japon (Tokyo)

CELESTIAL TEAPOT [One Big Sky] – Inde (Pune)

HOPE THE FLOWERS [Sonorous Faith PT. 1] – Thaïlande (Bangkok)

JET PLANE [Pipe Dream] [Falls Feather] – Russie (Bryansk)

JIRI [Life Phenomena] – Japon (Tokyo)

MONO [For My Parents] [The Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness] [La Maroquinerie 2012] [Trabendo 2014] [Requiem For Hell] [Nowhere No Here] [Beyond the Past – Live in London with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra] [Pilgrimage Of The Soul] – Japon (Tokyo)

MYY. [Your World Is Not All Correct] – Japon (Tokyo)

PAINT THE SKY RED [Not All Who Wonder Are Lost] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Singapour

THE INSEKTLIFE CYCLE [Purple Gaze] – Philippines (Pateros)

TRNA [Earthcult] – Russie (Saint-Pétersbourg)

WANG WEN [IV] [Espace B 2015] [Sweet Home, Go !] [Invisible City] [Post In Paris 2019] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Chine (Dalian)

WEARY EYES [True North] – Russie (Moscou)

ZHAOZE [Dunk! Festival 2018] – Chine (Guangzhou)

ZKHR [Ride] – Russie

  • Océanie :

FOURTEEN NIGHTS AT SEA [Minor Light] – Australie (Melbourne)

IIAH [iiah] [Distances] [Terra] – Australie (Adelaïde)

INTO ORBIT [Caverns] – Nouvelle Zélande (Wellington)

JAKOB [Sines] – Nouvelle Zélande (Napier)

TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING [Yield To Despair] [No Tether] [Dunk! Festival 2019] – Australie (Perth)

WE LOST THE SEA [Departure Songs] – Australie (Sydney)

Top Concerts 2013